HOW TO MAKE Cayenne Pepper Water Lemon Maple



Cayenne Pepper Water Lemon Maple Syrup

Cayenne Pepper Water Lemon Maple Syrup

The Cayenne pepper water lemon maple syrup is the best natural detox for you to undo the harm that you have already done to yourself in the past. If you've been into unhealthy diets and harmful addictions for long, then you have one chance to get rid of all the toxins from your body without using any chemicals. Also known as the Master Cleanse, this detox program has been tried and successfully tested by people all over the world. This lemonade diet makes use of the natural detoxifying properties of lemon to flush out all the toxins. The other ingredients, Cayenne pepper and maple syrup help in restoring the vitamins and minerals which are lost from your body during the detoxifying process. And of course, water is the life saver as always!

To try out this recipe at home you need to keep in mind a few basic requirements of the ingredients of Cayenne pepper water lemon maple syrup or Master Cleanse, in short:

* At first, you need to prepare pure organic lemon juice for the drink. Don't go for the bottled lemon juice since they are mixed with chemicals and preservatives. To make the drink you need two tablespoon of fresh lemon juice.

* Secondly, Cayenne pepper water lemon maple syrup preparation will also need maple syrup of Grade B. this is also required in its fresh and organic form, which is easily available in the retail stores selling organic products. You will need two tablespoons of this. To get the best results avoid using the normal sugar added maple syrups that you get in the stores.

* Cayenne pepper is the third ingredient required. Even though it doesn't taste good that way but you can let go of the taste factor for giving your health a relief from the toxins, cant you? And it doesn't make the drink taste that bad with the maple syrup and lemon juice added to only 1/10th of a spoon of cayenne pepper added to it.

* Now, you can't forget the biggest solvent of all, water. Add 10 oz of water to the solution prepared with the above ingredients and you have your Cayenne pepper water lemon maple syrup prepared for a single serving.

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